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Capital Commanders Club is an international organization that was tasked to achieve international cooperation among the garrisons of Middle-European capital cities - for the purpose of advancing military and cultural cooperation and exchanging experience. The CCC was founded in 1994.

Permanent members: Bratislava, Berlin, Budapest, Ljubljana, Prague, Vienna, Warsaw.

Observers: Kiev, Zagreb.

CCC partners organise summer and winter military competitions in which the soldiers have to prove their physical abilities and military-tactics abilities: throwing of hand greandes, shooting, distance march etc.

January - Winter Games in Obdachu, Austria (alpine competition),

June - International Patrol Competition in Püspökszilágy, Hungary (12 power-endurance disciplines),

June - DrillFest in Prague, Czech Republic (Exhibition of International Honor Guard Drill Teams).


THE COMMANDER’S SALUTE on the occassion of 25th Capital Commanders Conference

The historical changes the year 1989 brought about also heralded a transformation in the domain of military cooperation among Central European countries. In 1994, when the tradition of Capital Commanders Conference (CCC) was established, it was far from very certain, all exerted efforts notwithstanding, that the Central European countries would be associated in international military (NATO) or political (EU) organisations. It was nevertheless obvious that the relations among them would need to be built on completely new high quality foundations. Those relations could not be built on antagonisms or subordination anymore, but rather on respect, confidence and partnership.


 After twenty-five years of such cooperation, it is fair to conclude that the efforts that Central European Capital Commanders invested into the development of mutual cooperation undoubtedly contributed to today’s high quality of mutual relations among these nations, truly allied and friendly ties.


The Prague garrison has participated in the CCC activities nearly from its inception in 2003. Besides participation in the meeting of commanders, the Prague Garrison Command contributes to the development of joint activities, especially through organising an international parade show named the DrillFest, which is organised in honour of Czech Armed Forces Day (June 30th) in Prague on annual basis. The high public attendance of this event testifies to the fact that the magnitude of cooperation within CCC goes beyond purely military level.

In this context, the cooperation should be mentioned in the domain of musical service. I am pleased that this domain of cooperation among the countries associated CCC has also seen a steady successful development. That is also testified by the regular participation of military bands in the International Military Bands Festival in Olomouc and Kroměříž. Reciprocally, Czech military bands have played in festivals in Cracow, Poland, and Bratislava, Slovakia.

I am honoured to serve as the commander of the Prague Garrison Command in the time when the CCC commemorates already twenty fifth anniversary of its formation. Moreover, it gives an extra pleasure that the Prague garrison is the host city of the conference in the year we are marking this anniversary. The achievements over the past twenty five years of effort designed to develop and deepen regional military cooperation in the CCC framework fill me with hope that the years ahead will be equally successful. The source of this optimism is not only the benefit of joint activities in the domain of training honour guard units and military bands, but also the fact that CCC activities expand into other countries neighbouring on the Central European region.  

I would like to express my gratitude to all members of staff, colleagues and partners involved in the preparation of and realisation of joint activities and thank very much to all those who have contributed through their responsible approach to the successful development of cooperation.


Colonel Milan Virt

Former Prague Garrison Commander


The commanders welcomed by the First Deputy Chief of General Staf of the Czech Armed Foces Major General Miroslav Žižka.


Czech Honor Guard Soldiers - Gold medalists of Winter Games 2018 in Austria.


Czech Honor Guard Soldiers - Siilver medalists of International Patrol Competition 2018 in Hungary.